I require a minimum 90-minute commitment from all clients, so you can drop into a truly altered state of mind and experience the benefits of what I offer. 

Two hours or longer is required for more complex scenes.

For intense sessions involving heavy play, time is needed for you to rebalance under My supervision after the scene.

Tribute is as follows:

90 minutes - $400

2 h - $500

3h+ hours - $250/h

Duo sessions are available with Lady Azelle, the Ladies of the Ludus, and SirR. Please see links for more information. 



I adore a sub who strives to pamper his Goddess. If you wish to truly impress Me, consider the following criteria when shopping:

  • fair trade
  • organic
  • ethically sourced
  • not tested on animals
  • earth friendly / biodegradable
  • artisan made / unique 
  • supportive of small, local businesses

You may also make a generous donation to any of these organizations. Simply present Me with a print out of your thank-you email as My gift. 

Oxfam Canada

Because I am a Girl Fund (Plan Canada)

Amnesty International