Sacred Paths of BDSM

Path of ordeal

The Path of Ordeal is for those who want to push beyond their edge and come to know themselves in a new way. Learn more

Path of Breath

The Path of Breath taps into the intricate connection between breath, mind and the nervous system to build or cool energy and facilitate connection and trance states. Learn more

Path of Flesh

The Path of Flesh is all about savouring the senses, celebrating embodied pleasure, and using the body as a gateway to ecstasy. Learn more

Path of Asceticism

The Path of Asceticism draws its power from practices of restriction, release of attachment, and full surrender Learn more

Path of the Horse

Coming soon. Learn more

Path of Rhythm

The Path of Rhythm uses repetitive impact, sounds or movement manipulate the nervous system and facilitate an altered state of mind. Learn more

Path of Ritual

The Path of Ritual uses formal repetition of acts infused with intention to cultivate focus, depth and meaning. Learn more