Goddess Violetta


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Each session is artfully crafted with your unique interests in mind. As a lifestyle player, I delight in dreaming up creative scenes that are just as enjoyable for Me as they are for you. Our time together is your chance to forget your mundane responsibilities, hand over control to My devious imagination, and enjoy the ride...

All sessions are hosted in Toronto's upscale dungeon, Studio Ludus. Duo sessions are available with Lady Azelle, and the Ladies of the Ludus.

Introductory sessions start at 90-minutes so you have the opportunity to enter deep subspace and resurface gradually with adequate aftercare. I take time to plan sessions in advance, bringing a level of precision, care and quality experience.





Below are some of my favourite methods of torment. If you have something in mind that you do not see on this list, please inquire.

Bondage - rope, leather, handcuffs, mummification, collaring, leash, predicament bondage

Sensory Deprivation

Blindfolding and Gagging

Tickle Torture

Chastity, caging/confinement

CBT, nipple torture 

Impact play - flogging, caning, paddling, spanking, face slapping

Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Boot Worship

Trampling, Ball-busting

Human Furniture

Slave Training

Domestic servitude

Strap-on play, anal training

Play piercing

Hot wax

Tease and Denial


Any escorting services or intimate worship

Brown showers




I require a minimum 90-minute commitment from all first time clients, so you can drop into a truly altered state of mind and experience the benefits of what I offer. 

Two hours or longer is required for more complex scenes.

For intense sessions involving heavy play, time is needed for you to rebalance under My supervision after the scene.

Tribute is as follows:

90 minutes - $450 *required introductory session*

60 minutes - $350

2 h - $600

2.5h - $750

3h+ - $300/h

Overnight - $2,500

Duo sessions are available with Lady Azelle, the Ladies of the Ludus, and SirR. Please see links for more information. 


I adore a sub who strives to pamper his Goddess. If you wish to truly impress Me, consider the following criteria when shopping:

  • fair trade
  • organic
  • ethically sourced
  • not tested on animals
  • earth friendly / biodegradable
  • artisan made / unique 
  • supportive of small, local businesses

You may also make a generous donation to any of these organizations. Simply present Me with a print out of your thank-you email as My gift. 

Oxfam Canada

Because I am a Girl Fund (Plan Canada)

Amnesty International