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I conduct My business with a high standard of professionalism and only work with well-mannered, mature clientele. 

Applications must reflect an ability to follow basic instructions and deliver thoughtful responses. Rushed, poorly written applications will be rejected. 


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Do you have any medical conditions that may impact your response during play?
I agree to arrive on time for my session, not early, not late, to be clean, and to always conduct myself in a humble and respectful manner. *
In the event that I need to cancel, I agree to notify Goddess Violetta via email as promptly as possible. Failure to show up for my session without adequate notice will result in loss of my privilege to book again. *
This is not an escorting service. No sexual contact (including kissing, assisted release, face sitting or intimate worship) will be offered during session. Any request for sexual favours during the session will result in dismissal without refund. *
I have read, understood and agree to the above statements. All medical information I have provided is correct, and I will update Goddess Violetta about any changes. *