Path of Ritual


“The Path of Ritual is kneeling in prayer each Sunday, polishing boots each morning until they shine, dressing for the office or playspace. Ritual is often employed for the purpose of grounding and centering one’s self, to set one’s focus and intentions, and to instill a conception of the significance and depth of psychonautic practice.” - Lee Harrington, Sacred Kink

The path of Ritual uses formal repetition of acts infused with intention to cultivate focus, depth and meaning

Rituals play an important role in the lives of almost all humans. They are not only ceremonies of worship, but also processes that are repeated with intention over time that gain power and significance through their repetition

Your rituals begin before you see me. As you shower and groom yourself you bring extra attention to detail, knowing that you will be presenting your body to me. You choose your outfit based on my taste. When you enter my presence, you keep your eyes down and fall to your knees. You kiss my feet with reverence and mindfulness before you perform your prostrations.

Every act, no matter how small, can take on the significance of ritual when done with intention. But there are some scenes that may be devoted to a deeper transformation.

Perhaps as a submissive you are ready to let go of old parts of yourself that no longer serve you. When you offer your burdens on the altar of the Goddess, she cuts away all that is unnecessary. Through the skilled combination of breath, rhythm, ritual and challenge, we go on an underworld journey to shed your old skin and come out renewed.

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