Path of Rhythm


“This is often the first path kinksters accidentally encounter, when the repeat of a flogger hitting our back over and over again has us drown into nothingness or being spanked with the same beat leaves us connecting on a deep and primal level to our animalistic selves” - Lee Harrington, Sacred Kink

Rhythm has the power to amp us up or calm us down. Using rhythm to penetrate the body invites us on a trance journey

Rhythm permeates the universe, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Rhythm can be found in the whirling of a flogger, the strike of a cane, the jiggle of flesh in an ass being spanked. It is present in your breath, your cries, your verbal counting of your punishment.

External rhythms have an influence on our brainwaves. As rhythm penetrates the body, whether through motion, touch or sound vibration, we are guided into an altered state that can be deeply relaxing, euphoric or cathartic.

Rhythm can be emphasized in a variety of BDSM activities and used as a portal to an altered state. The most obvious tool is impact play, however other forms such as music, dance or any repetitive movement can be equally powerful.

The Path of Rhythm pairs well with the Path of Breath and Ritual to bring about release, insight and transformation.

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