Path of Ordeal


“Do not confuse ordeal path with being attracted to edge play. Edge play involves dancing at that personal edge of comfort and safety again and again. Ordeal walks to the cliff’s edge, steps off, and comes back changed” - Lee Harrington, Sacred Kink


The Path of Ordeal is for those who want to push beyond their edge and come to know themselves in a new way. 

An ordeal can take on many shapes and forms. It can be mental, physical, psychological or spiritual. Through the intentional use of pain, suffering and endurance the submissive is challenged beyond their perceived limits and comes out the other end transformed.

The defining feature of the Path of Ordeal is suffering for the sake of challenge and growth; not for pleasure. It is the Hero’s Journey encapsulated in a scene, the dark night of the soul, the descent into Hades followed by a transformative return.

For some this might mean enduring an intense round of impact play / corporal punishment. For others it might involve facing their fear of being mummified, locked in the vacuum bed, or bound in a challenging position for a long length of time. Yet for others the ordeal might involve needles, breath play, or predicaments.

The tools may be varied, but the experience is the same: to be pushed into a zone where your face your deepest fears, move beyond your comfort zone and learn what you are made of.