Path of Flesh


“The true secret of the Path of the Flesh is that of being present. Enlightenment is available by being here and now. It is not just about fucking, but showing up for and taking in every moment during it. Instead of kissing, it is brining all of your awareness to your lips and skin and truth while that kiss takes place - Lee Harrington, Sacred Kink

The path of the flesh is all about savouring the senses, celebrating embodied pleasure, and using the body as a gateway to ecstasy

The Path of Flesh may include every variety on the spectrum of sensation from a featherlight tease to an intense whipping. What sets it apart from the Path of Ordeal is that it is a rollercoaster of pleasure rather than a challenge. The key element is staying present and allowing this focus on the senses to be the doorway to an altered state.

A perfect fit for those who enjoy sensual domination, The Path of Flesh embraces all sensory delights. It plays with textures, temperatures, tastes and smells. It elicits goosebumps through the feeling of breath down the back of your neck, followed by the surprise of an ice cube on your nipples.

Some senses may be taken away so that others may be heightened. A soft, silky blindfold slid over the eyes intensifies the whisper of what will be done to you next.

The Path of Flesh is about savouring the details rather than rushing to the end. It celebrates and prolongs pleasure for as long as one can handle it. Every moment is a surprise, each new sensation setting off fireworks in the body.

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