Path of Breath


“The Path of Breath is the pumping breath of heightened tension of pleasure, the slow release of our pain, the steady in and out in the silence of being with ourselves” Lee Harrington, Sacred Kink

The path of Breath taps into the intricate connection between breath and consciousness to facilitate ecstatic journeying and altered states

In almost all ancient wisdom traditions, breath is associated with life force energy, otherwise known as chi or prana. Breath is the bridge between our voluntary and involuntary nervous systems, and when we tap into our breath we can alter our state of consciousness at will.

Breath is part of every other Path, since it is present in everything we do. It is used extensively in Tantric practices as a gateway to orgasmic awareness and bliss. When used intentionally, it is a powerful tool in healing, harnessing awareness and opening to deep levels of intimacy.

Breath play can take on many forms in a scenes. As a sub you may be commanded to hold your breath or only breathe in a very specific way. Your ability to breath may be taken away entirely and left up to the Dominant to control. You may be mummified, choked, sat on, smothered or inundated with oxygen during a bout of rapid breathing.

Each change in your breath brings new potential and dimension to your experience of the scene. Breath is the fuel that catapults consciousness to extraordinary heights.

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