Path of Asceticism


“Long-term asceticism offers a grain of sand to be inserted into the oyster of our spirit, and day by day, the challenges and practices followed build up residue. Finally, years later, what was once an irritant has created a pearl within our soul.” - Lee Harrington, Sacred Kink

The path of Asceticism draws its power from practices of restriction, release of attachment, and full surrender

Being human naturally involves having preferences: cravings, aversions, opinions and identities. Many wisdom traditions aim to cut through this layer of personality. It is a journey of relinquishing control, dying to our old identities, surrendering preferences and coming into a state of abiding acceptance and Oneness.

Often when people seek BDSM experiences, they are seeking escape from their very selves. They are tired of their neurotic thought patterns and social performances. They are painfully aware of the gnawing self doubt that underlies their persistent need for control. They are seeking a way to annihilate the voice in the mind and reach a state of peace and contentment through letting go.

The Path of Asceticism offers an opportunity to explore deeper layers of submission by truly surrendering to the will of the Dominant. It is about simplicity, servitude and finding joy in whatever the Dominant asks of you. It may involve running domestic duties and errands or acting as a piece of furniture. It calls you to strengthen yourself through the denial of the things you want most, whether it be connection, pleasure or play.

It is a path of allowing each preference to be stripped away from you. There is no need to think, strategize or fight. By surrendering your will you find peace.

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