My Dominant Style


I am a woman who stands fully in Her feminine power with confidence and elegance. My dominance comes from a place of deep connection within myself, the kind of strength that only comes through profound self inquiry and heartfelt personal growth. I've been told I'm an old soul, with a tremendous capacity for witnessing the fullness of human experience. I have no interest in bullying anyone, like an insecure narcissist desperate for validation. Instead, I invite you to show me your soul. Look into My penetrating eyes and see how long you can stand there without squirming....


The practice of BDSM is richly infused with meaning when approached in a conscious manner. When the submissive hands over their power for the duration of the scene, it is a sacred exchange. My role as your Dominant is to create a safe container in which you can explore the hidden dimensions of your nature, and integrate the parts of yourself that need witnessing. My strong and focused presence allows for your layers to drop away, and brings forth a state in which you can experience true surrender.

I place high value on consent, and understand that the practice of BDSM involves an immense amount of communication and self-honesty. I value your submission, as it is a profound gesture of trust. I carry this gift with great responsibility as we both step into our shadow identities and engage in the dance of power exchange.

If you are new to this, I will guide you through the process of deciphering your needs and boundaries. Once we are in session, I aim to play at your Resilient Edge of Resistance. This is the place that balances the perfect amount of safety and challenge. 


My approach is that of Radical Acceptance: an honouring of each individual exactly as they are. This means a celebration of all body types, sexual preferences, gender identities, (legal) ages, races and religions. No matter what roles we choose to play, we are all expressions of the divine. 

Experiencing kinky desires is often loaded with shame in our society. In fact, shame itself can become intertwined with erotic desire and play a central role in arousal. Whether you are actively seeking humiliation, or simply feeling fragmented in your self-image, know that underneath our role-play you are always honoured in the fullness of your being. 


A scene is a beautiful opportunity to set an intention and be guided on a journey of healing and transformation. Whether you want to free your mind through confining your body, experience the catharsis of heavy impact play, or drop into the trance of ritual piercing, the possibilities are endless.  

I am highly intuitive by nature, trained in somatic and energetic practices. I have a deep understanding of anatomy, psychology, and the mind/body connection. Through the careful manipulation of your body, mind and breath we can tap into profound spaces of insight, release and healing. 

I begin all scenes by ceremonially connecting with your body and breath, as a short meditation to allow you to relax and open to Me. It is from here that I slowly draw you into subspace and the shadow journey begins...

We conclude all scenes with grounding, bringing you back into present space and allowing for the release of any emotions.


About Goddess Violetta

Kink has been a lifelong part of My experience, before I even had the vocabulary to describe it. Through this deep personal understanding, I bring a sense of compassion, playfulness and never ending curiosity to My work. 

My presence is strong and calming, with an air of regal elegance. I am naturally gifted at putting people at ease so they can shed their layers and come on a journey with Me. My confident and intuitive touch will allow you to relinquish all control and surrender your mind and body completely. 

I am university educated, and have come to this work through genuine passion and perverse fascination. My extensive educational background includes studies in sexuality, psychology, anatomy, and the arts. My personal path has included years of study in Tantra, Taoist sexuality, meditation, energy healing and of course, BDSM. I've completed training at San Francisco's Academy of SM Arts with renowned teachers Cleo Dubois, Eve Minax and Selina Raven. I strive to continually refine My craft by attending regular classes and workshops and learning from others in my field.

As a Domina, I work with the Goddess archetype as an expression of My spirituality. I see BDSM as a wonderfully creative space to explore the many personas that live within us, and bring the ugly parts of our subconscious into the light. I believe that if we maintain a conscious awareness throughout this process, it holds tremendous potential for self discovery and personal growth.  

I welcome and celebrate people of all backgrounds, genders, orientations, body-types and abilities. My practice is safe, sane, consensual and risk-aware.