Goddess Violetta

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Goddess Violetta

Toronto Sensual Dominatrix

 “How to describe Goddess Violetta...dazzling is the best word that comes to mind...an evil mind, a wicked heart, a velvet touch, an iron hand, a stunning smile, eyes that see you and see through you...She is all this and much more. Put your fate in Her hands and She will take you places you have never gone, further out there than you ever thought possible.” - sub bill





We live in a world that’s overly dominated by logic and materialism, with little tangible connection to sacredness and meaning. Throughout history, humans have always sought altered states through which they could come into deeper contact with themselves and their sense of the Divine. Traditionally there have been many pathways to altered states, and I believe BDSM is one of them. When we enter into a scene, we shed our day-world identities and explore our disowned fragments, taboo desires and shadow archetypes. When this work is done consciously, rather than as an escape or reenactment, it holds tremendous potential for self-knowledge and personal growth.

The Eightfold Path of BDSM

The Eightfold Path of BDSM (featured above) is a concept I fell in love with after reading the book Sacred Kink, by Lee Harrington. The inspiration for this site has been taken directly from the book, which I highly recommend to anyone who yearns to understand the intersection between BDSM and spirituality on a deeper level.

Each of the Paths describes a unique flavour of experience found within the realm of BDSM practice. They are not mutually exclusive, and many paths can be interwoven with other paths to create a diverse range of experiences.

I invite you to explore the Paths and consider which experiences resonate with you most deeply.

*The eighth path, Path of Sacred Plants, has been omitted on this site

About Me…

I’m a warm-hearted sensual Domme, wild woman, and lifelong spiritual seeker. I enjoy intimacy and authenticity above all else, and bring a strong element of presence into all my scenes. I take great pleasure in witnessing the unfolding of the Soul’s journey, and don’t shy away from difficult experiences as they arise in session. I’ve been on the Tantric path of many years, which honours both light and shadow as manifestations of the sacred. I have an affinity for poetry, nature and the mystical.

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Respond to every call that excites your spirit.

- Rumi


How I came to this work…

I bring over 10+ years experience as a lifestyle player, having learned powerful lessons on both sides of the power dynamic. My deep love for the vulnerability of power exchange combined with a reverence for holding space fuels my work. I’ve completed trainings with the International School of Temple Arts and Cleo Dubois’ Academy of SM Arts. I live and breath the path of sacred sexuality and have made it my life’s work to bridge the gap between the sacred and profane. My formal educational background includes the study of somatics, psychotherapy, yoga, energy work and Tantra. My practice is consent based, trauma informed and inclusive of the magnificent rainbow of humans on this planet.