Goddess Violetta

Goddess Violetta

Decadent Domina. Mystical Muse. Divinely perverted practitioner of the Dark Arts. 

What hurts you blesses you. Darkness is your candle
— Rumi


Do you long to escape your mundane world and explore the shadow realm of your psyche?

 Come to Me and let Me torment you for a while...

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I embody the Great Goddess, both benevolent and wrathful. I am chaos and paradox, destroyer of egos. I will rip out the ground from underneath you, bring you to your knees and reflect to you the harsh and profound truths of your existence. Once you have been annihilated, I will gently piece you back together and send you back into the world in new and perfected form.  

I will guide you to the innermost cavern of your soul where you can take off all your masks and revel in your nakedness. It is in My presence that paradox merges, and the sacred and profane become one. 



Photography courtesy of Miss Ava Azami

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