Goddess Violetta

Goddess Violetta

Decadent Domina. Mystical Muse. Divinely perverted practitioner of the Dark Arts. 

Upscale Professional Dominatrix, Toronto, ON

“How to describe Goddess Violetta...dazzling is the best word that comes to mind...an evil mind, a wicked heart, a velvet touch, an iron hand, a stunning smile, eyes that see you and see through you...She is all this and much more. Put your fate in Her hands and She will take you places you have never gone, further out there than you ever thought possible.”
— sub bill


Let your soul quiver as you unravel your layers with one of Toronto's finest Pro Dommes. 

Sessions are structured around your personal interests, and designed to push you to your resilient edge of resistance, all while keeping it safe, sane and consensual.

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"Goddess Violetta is a very beautiful and gracious Woman with a warm and friendly smile that disarmed me immediately. At the same time there was no mistaking Her presence, and the underlying command in Her voice. Rather than demand it, She inspired my submission...  I wanted to perform well, and please Her with my obedience and suffering.

She challenged my focus and endurance with a sort of predicament that required my utmost control and concentration, then proceeded to taunt and torture me to make it more difficult. When not blindfolded, I was so grateful to be allowed to look at Her and see the delight in Her eyes at my torment.

She truly is a Goddess, and I can hardly wait to kneel before Her again!"

 - sub Mark





What hurts you blesses you. Darkness is your candle.
— Rumi


I embody the Great Goddess, both benevolent and wrathful. I am chaos and paradox, destroyer of egos. I will rip out the ground from underneath you and bring you to your knees. Once you have been annihilated, I will gently piece you back together and send you back into the world in new and perfected form.  

I will guide you to the innermost cavern of your soul where you can take off all your masks and revel in your nakedness. It is in My presence that paradox merges, and the sacred and profane become one.